Becalm Baby Products Pty Ltd is a Australian-owned company, we proudly distribute baby products designed to ease the symptoms of teething.

Becalm Baby Products started in 2016.  At the time my two boys George and Zack were 3 and 5 (I’ve got a new littlie now Reuben who is 18 months).  I had felt the need to start up my own business, and being career minded and previously completing a university degree in Business studies I felt it was something I needed to do.

I contacted a local business called Verve Design to help create my brand and were very impressed with their work and would highly recommend to anyone who is wanting to create their own brand or recreate their existing brand.  Our logo even won them an award, so we were super chuffed with that.  We then set to work on designing our first two products, the Becalm mitt and our teething bibs.  This was a very exciting especially when we saw our products come to life and soon brought them to market.  The response was overwhelming, and we worked very hard and still do work very hard on our customer service to ensure that our customers receive their orders asap and any issues are resolved as fast as we can get them resolved.

We as a family own a cattle station in a remote location in QLD, and my husband is very supportive, giving me plenty of time to work on Becalm Baby.  We also have a fabulous team Anna and Charlie in Emmaville, NSW who do all the packing and shipping for us.

Since 2016 Becalm Baby Products has grown and expanded.  I love looking for new and innovative products that really help Mum and Bub.  The market is becoming more and more saturated with 1) stuff that is just stuff and doesn’t really serve a purpose.  I know as a parent that can become overwhelming and we can end up wasting a heap load of money where we don’t need too and 2) copycats.  The copycat situation is a bit scary when it comes to products for your children, so we make sure that everything we sell has been 100% safety tested to all the legal requirements.  That gives you and us peace of mind.

We know it’s a jungle out there and its good to come to a place where you know there is nothing that’s being sold that will harm your little one.

For the future of Becalm – We will keep bringing you more exciting innovative products and also expand the Becalm Baby range.  Until then all the best and safe shopping!!!


Written below is our old version of About Us, I didn’t want to delete it because there lots of relevant information here.

Our goal is to introduce an, line of wearable teething accessories, so that parents can enjoy more quality time with their little ones; without worrying about sore gums disrupting play time.

Being parents, we understand how stressful the teething process can be. As your child’s first baby teeth develop, it puts enormous strain on their gums. This can result in rashes developing, coughing, dribbling, and of course – many sleepless nights ahead.

When raising our own children, we discovered there were was little to help us during this process. No matter how many home remedies or products we tried on the market; nothing seemed to satisfy.

That’s when we decided to do something about it.

With the hopes of helping parents we produced the Becalm Baby Teething Mitten and the Dribble & Chew Bib range.These wearable teething accessories are specially designed to soothe little tots gums, which gives them an outlet for their chewing needs and keeps them entertained.

With an array of fun and colourful designs to choose from, our accessories are not only practical – but fashionable too. So they can easily be worn in conjunction with your little tots’ favourite outfits.

At Becalm Baby Products Pty Ltd, we care about the safety and wellbeing of all our customers.  They’re tested to meet Australian Safety Standards and are completely non-toxic.

We enjoy bringing you fun teething accessories for children. 


For more information about our exciting range of teething accessories, click here or contact us on 07 4770 3170 or and we’ll be happy to help you.