Dribble and Chew Bibs – Perfect for your Teething Baby. Buy 3 and Get FREE postage!


Why Do Babies Wear Baby Bibs?

Baby Bibs – Every Baby wears them, for different situations.  To protect their clothes from getting covered in food, to protect their clothes or skin from getting wet with drool.  Some babies wear baby bibs as a fashion accessory to look cool.

Becalm Baby Bibs

We have designed a baby bib that not only looks cool, protects your baby from getting wet and dirty but also aids them with their teething.  How?  Well we placed a soft silicone teether to the end of the bib.  How clever you say… Well yes it is clever but its a simple solution but no one had ever thought about it, until Becalm Baby came along.

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Babys and Bibs go together hand in hand so why not save money and buy this teething bib, oh its reversible too!

So in a nutshell we have turned a standard baby bib into a teether.