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Becalm Baby® Teething Mitten – Happy Hand®

Teething mittens are the ultimate teething toy for babies that are too young to hold on to their own teethers. They fit over their hands and stay on securely with a Velcro strap.

What’s it made from?

The teething part is made with premium food-grade silicone you can rest assured that your baby is going to receive a teether that is soft on their gums. The Becalm teething mitten was designed in Australia in 2016 by a Mum of three boys. The Becalm mitt has been safety tested by an accredited laboratory to ensure that it is free from any nasty chemicals.

What age can babies start to use the mitten?

This teething mitt can be used by babies from 3 months of age all the way up to 12 months of age, so it has a long life of use. It can be used when out shopping, in the car (under supervision), at play, tummy time and whilst out with friends and family. It not only soothes baby it also keeps them entertained so you can enjoy time to concentrate on other tasks as we know how busy life gets with kids.

Why Purchase the Becalm Mitt?

The Becalm mitten has been recommended by thousands of parents Australia wide who are happy with the high quality and are pleased with how much their baby has shown interest and enjoyed using it. We have lots of positive reviews to show this and many feedback stories on Facebook and Instagram where parents have sent in their photos and reviews so that we can share with other parents that are stuck and looking for a teething toy that will calm their baby.

If your baby is constantly chewing and sucking on their hands and making them redraw it might be time to find a product that will help them, and this is the job of the Becalm mitt. Once placed over their hands it will give them the opportunity to chew on the soft silicone instead of on their skin.

Because this mitten attaches to your baby’s hand it is ideal for baby’s that can’t hold their own teethers because it gives them the independence to self soothe rather than relying on their parents to hold a teething toy up to their mouths for them. It also prevents teethers from being dropped on the ground and it stays nice and clean and hygienic for your little one.

In a Nutshell.

Let us help you and your teething baby with this originally designed teething mitten. The soft silicone cloud shaped teether is sewn onto the top of the mitten which is the perfect shape for your baby’s mouth. The teething mitt has a velcro strap to assist with keeping the mitt on your baby’s hand. Let’s keep their hands and gums Happy!

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