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Your toddler will think this is the best invention since solid food! The Solar Buddies Sun Cream Applicator will make putting on sun cream a fun task before outdoor adventures. It is simple for children to apply on their own, making it ideal for holiday’s, day trips, nursery or school. And because it’s compact and lightweight, kids can easily carry it around in their a little day packs and school bags.
The Solar Buddies cannot withstand direct heat above 30C as it will interfere with the adhesive. It is best to leave your Solar Buddies in a bag or in the shade to avoid any issues. Do not leave your Solar Buddie in your car on a hot day or in direct heat.
Fit and features:
Wide neck makes it easy to fill and clean
Rollerball makes it easy for young children to apply
Allows you to use your preferred sunscreen. (If you are using thick sunscreen and it’s not making it past the roller ball try giving your Solar Buddie a good old tap. We call it ‘the ketchup tap!’)
Ideal for nursery or school
Holds 100ml
Sunscreen not included
For hygieine reasons It’s recommended that the sponge unit be replaced every 2/3 months if in constant use.

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