Teething Mittens

Do you find yourself constantly washing baby’s teething toys as they fall on the ground or roll under the sofa? At last here’s a teething mitt that straps gently to baby’s wrist with a Velcro strap and your baby can chew on it to soothe their gums. It’s really versatile because you can strap these teething mittens anywhere you want. Try it on the car seat or stroller where the colourful design will keep your baby amused, as well as the teething glove offering that essential comfort for those sore gums with its food grade silicon.
The teething mittens can be used on either hand and has its own little bag for storage and for washing, not that it’ll be stored very much as your baby will want to chew on this gorgeous teething mitten because its right there on their hand whenever they need it. It isn’t on the floor, down the side of their stroller or even behind their back. They get everywhere don’t they, except where baby wants it, right there on the end of their hand. It’s worse at night when they are desperate for comfort and the teether goes down the side of the cot.
It’s hard for babies to hold something for long, teething toys always seem to end up on the floor. So babies use what is most available, their hand, but it soon gets sore and chapped from their saliva so what could be more natural than giving them a teething glove to pop on their hand and secure it firmly but gently so it stays right there where they want it?
Baby will get such relief from their itchy gums from Becalm teething mittens. They naturally know how to use it and our hundreds of satisfied customers describe it as ‘magic’, ‘amazing’ a ‘lifesaver’. It’s light and fully washable at 30 degrees as you’d expect. Talking of washing, you’ll not have to constantly change their little baby gros because the dribble is absorbed by the material of the teething mitt rather than making their clothes wet.
Here at Becalm Baby we are parents who have first- hand experience of this difficult time when you can’t bear to see your baby so distressed. These lovely teething mitts will comfort and entertain as well as avoiding the usual problems of rashes and dribbling, not to mention them sometimes gagging on their hand. Don’t you just love the designs as well?
Becalm Baby Products is an Australian company and we pride ourselves in having exceeded all the safety guidelines set by Australian Safety Standards. These teething mittens are perfectly designed for babies 3 – 12 months.
Instant relief from those nasty irritated gums with the Happy Hand teething glove. Take a look at our Facebook Page to see some totally divine photos of our satisfied little baby customers with their colourful teething mittens.