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Baby Sleep Aids

Welcome, and thanks for dropping by!.  If your looking for products that can help your baby get a better night’s sleep, or stay asleep for longer at nap time then your in the right place.

Perhaps your baby is having a challenge re-settling or is waking up several times during the night, chances are that you’re probably feeling exhausted and willing to try a sleep-aid to assist with your baby’s sleeping habits.

We stock two of the leading sleep-aids on the market, and below is a brief summary of each along with other products that can help, especially if your baby has a dummy at sleep time or likes to be swaddled ❤️.

Please contact us for any further questions, we love to help out!

The Rockit

The Rockit is good when you are out and about with your baby in their stroller, for example, if you are in a cafe having coffee with friends, you can attach the Rockit to their stroller and it will rock it for you, giving you hands-free time and the chance to catch up with friends without the stress of trying to resettle your baby.

The Lulla Doll

The Lulla Doll, is an effective option when your baby is in their cot, there are straps that can tie the doll to the outside of the cot if your baby is too young to have items in the cot with them.  Lulla plays a heartbeat and white noise that soothes your baby back to sleep, without the need to be resettled.

She has fast earned the reputation of the miracle sleep doll and undeniably parent-approved.

The Sleepytots

The Sleepytot has been designed if your baby sleeps with a dummy.  If your baby wakes because they have lost their dummy then this problem can be solved with the Sleepytot.  The cute characters all have velcro paws which can hold up to 4 teethers or dummies.

The Millpond Child Sleep Clinic and sleep consultants worldwide recommend the Sleepytot comforters as a way of helping little ones find their dummies easily at night and return to sleep without fully waking.  We say a bonus and a must-have!

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