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Bibs designed for Teething Babies

We all know that teething produces heaps of dribble and that you can never get your hands on enough bibs at this stage!  Becalm Baby has set about to bring you a range of bibs that have 3 layers meaning extra absorbency for longer wear.

We have also added a super-soft teether to the bottom that will feel pleasing on your little one’s gums.  The teether has no raised bumps as we believe this has no added value and baby’s prefer a smoother feeling teether.

The teether is sewn on to the bottom of the bib so if you bub tends to drop their teether, especially when you are out and about then this will be the perfect solution.  You can be assured that they will be kept dry from dribble, entertained and soothed by the soft attached teether and a bigger bonus they won’t lose it!  Easy reach teething relief for your baby.