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Loved this little suction tray.
Baby couldn’t remove easily. Perfect size for her and high chair. Washes easily.

Can't wait for my daughter to use it, the baby isn't due until Dec. I knew how wonderful the product is from the family I look after.

Effective but seems uncomfortable

These bibs work well and come as described, however my baby seems to be uncomfortable in them and screams until I take it off. As soon as I’ve taken it off he will eat happily (unfortunately making a mess of his clothes in the process)

Our 5 month old twins love their owl!

Great size for gripping, no nasties, very soft.


Really amazing.. gets all the food and very easy to clean..

Brilliant product

100% would recommend to everyone! It actually sticks to the tray and it’s super easy to wash. No spaghetti stains.
Thank you

Thanks for your review and we LOVE the pic 🙂

Good product

Lovely bibs. Wash up well. Don’t get sticky and degrade like some others on the market. Would recommend!

Worth every penny

One of the few Bob designs that actually work really well. Arm buttons are great for shortening sleeves for younger bubs. And the wrap around the tray keeps the seat clean unlike bibs with pouches

These spoons are amazing. My baby, 7 months, is using her spoon every meal time

Super happy with this purchase. I bought so many bowls and plates but end up using only this plate as it fits perfectly on our Highchair. Clean and easy to wash

I ordered 2 and will order 2 more. Super happy with this bib. Worth every cent

Game changer!

We use it on the pram when out, and on the bassinet at home. The gentle rock keeps her content - game changer!

Becalm Baby Teething Mitt
Vicki Drakeford

The little teething mitt is amazing my
grandson really loves it and he doesn’t like us taking it off him .
Thank you .

Lulla Doll by RoRo
Jaydee Harris
AMAZING!! I truly have no other words.

I received the Lulla Doll as a gift and happily left it in it's box, after thinking they were a bit funny looking. Bub has been super crusey from day one so never needed any kind of sleep aid.
Bub has been suffering from nasal congestion and getting extra irritable after his immunisations, and either refusing to go to sleep during the day or only napping for very short periods unless he was being held we pulled our Lulla Doll out of the box to give it a try.
After bub had been protesting for some time, didn't want to feed, sit or lay still Especially when he was laid down. I turned on his Lulla Doll and put it next to my kicking and screaming bubs chest. Then no word of a lie within 5 seconds, he closed his eyes, stopped screaming and kicking and was asleep in less than one minute.


An amazing and comfortable haakaa that I dont have to worry about falling off the boob. Straight forward and easy to use and store. Extremely quick shipping, next day in a regional area even just via standard post! Love love love it

Thank you for your review 🙂

Suction cap shallow plate

A practical and cute design, easy to clean. The matching spoon and fork are great for our weaning five-month-old.

Honestly best purchase for my little one thus far. I am a neat freak and feeding time was giving me a bit of anxiety. This has helped SO much, not having to change bub after every meal, less laundry as well-I mean what’s not to love!!

We are so glad to hear this! Thank you for sharing your review!

Wonderful product!

This product is absolutely wonderful! I have tried lots of other bibs and this one is by far the best! It saves me having to wash clothes after meal times and stops clothes getting food stains on them. I have just ordered another two!

Thank you for the awesome review!

Does the job!

Various noise settings, good volume control, very easy to use, lightweight and small enough to fit any space
Portable too!

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Just buy it

Seriously. I am an idot for now buying this earlier. I have a 6 month only and am doing baby led weaning. I should have had this months ago. It catches clean uo has reduced by about 80% high reccommend. Its great quality, soft, looks great and is toxic free.

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Great set

Great set, my 3 month old baby was even smiling while I did it! It’s handy it comes with a file for adult nails too.

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Love it!

I have this attached to my bassinet and it's a lifesaver during the night when bub wakes up. One press of a button and she falls back asleep! Amazing!!

So glad it's helping! ❤️

Friends were impressed with presentation of this book.

Nurture care for trauma survivors

I'm a childhood trauma survivor from birth and have been in psychotherapy for nearly 20years.
Because of the trauma and abuse I developed complex PTSD (which is a severe form of PTSD), Dissociative Identity Disorder which is an aquired brain injury from early childhood trauma and abuse, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Psychosocial disability as well as psychosomatic disability in which emotional/social issues affect my physical abilities and also causes physical illness symptoms.
One ofmy therapists, would let me listen to her heartbeat and breathing to help with calming and it was a type of remothering missed out in early babyhood. When this therapist retired; losing her was devastating. No longer having her in crisis times now means me needing to take valium, extra anxiety medication and sleeping tablets.
I suffer with wakeful nights, nightmares, flashbacks, memory intrusions and worries, thoughts etc during the night.
At 2am after struggling to get back to sleep using a weighted blanket and other methods I would end up on my phone and constantly saw advertisements on social media for the Lulla doll and wondered if it would help.
Having trauma from babyhood means you can still have all the emotional and attachment needs not met of a baby. It's embarrassing to admit and accept and difficult to manage.
Self soothing is very difficult.
Trauma in the early years affects the neural pathways within the brain although these pathways cam be healed it takes years and years of therapy. The physical, emotional and body memories and needs of early childhood are still there.
Medication just isn't the answer. Buying the Lulla doll felt silly at first but I already have alot of comfort dolls, toys, weighted blankets, anything that can help with feeling safe, secure and hopefully get some sleep.
On the first night using Lulla she was comforting, helpful, annoying, calming, distracting of the thoughts and memories, she feels warm, soft, safe and listening to the breathing and heartbeat was amazing. I try the different volumes depending on where she is placed at night.
Each night has been different but all positive and I'm finding different ways to use her.
- Listening closely to the heartbeat/breathing for comfort, security, safety.
- Having her in the background nearby to not wake up to silence of the night and feeling 'alone', even though you may have someone else sleeping near, it's like Lulla is there 'for' you.
- Holding her close to feel safe, being able to feel the soft texture of the doll is comforting.
Breathing Techniques
- Breathing in with Lulla on each breath sound helps to slow down rapid anxious breathing to a more regular breathing pattern
- Breathing in holding for a count of 7 and then out on each breath 'sound' to calm down rapid breathing and relax a tense body and using the heartbeats as a count of 7-8 in between. Doing this technique (is work at 2am in the morning BUT) my whole body relaxes and this takes all of the muscle aches and pain away.
Lulla Doll is amazingly helpful.
thanks Mandy Rose 🌹

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This is brilliant for a new bub learning to eat it keeps my sons clothes nice and clean while he can explore and enjoy his food as he pleases, will be purchasing more for friend expecting their first. Highly recommend!