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Number 1 recommendation for mums

This is an essential. I would recommend this as a must have for any breastfeeding mums

Sleep aide works as a comforter pretty well

My 18 month old loved it as soon as I showed him. He enjoys sleeping with it but not obsessed with it which is good. Overall pretty happy except it is far too easy to bump the battery pack to turn off when the doll is in with my son while he's rolling around asleep in bed which is SUPER annoying.

Love it

Very easy to assemble and reassemble to wash. Baby loves chewing on it and a great way to get him to try new foods.

Good product, worth spending money on. Less spills, can be kept easily on flat surface. comfortable to wear and collect the stored milk in storage bottles with the outlet.

As promised

Essential product, fast delivery and great service.

Bibado caverall

Product is exactly as advertised, fast delivery, very happy with it and the service 5 ⭐️

Best baby buy!

I had mess anxiety while feeding my baby and I changed her clothes a million times as the regular bib wasn't covering her. This bib is so easy to put on and clean, covers the highchair and catches any food/spoons that she drops. Highly recommend 🙂


Very good my grandson loved it ♥️

Life changing

This bib has made dinner time so much easier, faster and cleaner. Just pull back the arms and all the mess is contained. Not one drop of food on my babies pants. I’m sooo glad I found this and bought it!!!!


Absolutely love this nappy bag so much. So spacious.

Wonderful product

My nearly 5 month old daughter loves both the bib and especially the mit. They are Fantastic! I wish I'd found them for my first bub.

Great product

As a first time mum I knew I would struggle to deal with the 'mess' of starting solids at first. The BIBaDo has been a lifesaver and made meal time so much easier. I can also see this being handy for messy activities. Very happy with this product!


Highly recommend it. My 8 week old loves it. Perfect fit for little ones not leaving any imprints on their faces.


Fantastic pump. Works like a charm. Use it at least once a day to catch the letdown once baby has fed on either side, to get my freezer supply up. Can mostly get around 60ml every time.

Love the silicone bibs

Love the silicone bibs! And when I didn’t receive my 10% discount the owner refunded me happily and immediately. Great service!

Perfect Gift

I purchased this for a young friend who has had a second difficult to buy something she needs for the second baby. She says it “works a treat” ! Very happy with the Rockit!

Best bibs ever

Honestly, so easy to clean. Simple to use and they catch everything! Love then so much!

Game Changer!!

I have struggled with breastfeeding my Prem baby for 8 weeks now. He was born at 30 weeks, and with me having huge breasts and inverted nipples feeding proved to be a real challenge. The constant pumping and sterilising of bottles was exhausting. I was just about ready to give up on breast milk but felt terrible as I know it’s the best option for him so thought we’d try one more option, being the haaka nipple shields.
As soon as we received the haaka nipple guards my little man latched straight on and began to to feed and is starting to pack on the weight. So so so happy with this product!

Best toothbrush ever invented!

I recently bought the silicone toothbrush and my son absolutely loves it!! It's the best teether too!! it's really soft silicone and not hard like other teethers! he absolutely loves it!! Its definitely something I would recommend to all new parents! and the haakaa too!!

Great suction!

This is great! It fits the chair table perfectly and Bub is able to scoop food out. The suction is good too. He hasn’t been able to pull it up despite his best efforts.
It cleans and dries well.

Great idea

This is a great smock however I can only give it 4 stars because my bub seems to freeze when his arms are in it.. like he’s scared to move. So we have started to leave his arms out and just wrap it around his torso only.

Great bag

Lots of pockets and storage space. Very easy to organise.
I would only change 2 things about this backpack. Make the arm straps adjustable - I prefer a lower bag.
And improve the pram straps, these are a bit fiddly.
I would have preferred black, but this was the only colour available at the time.

Great device

Works extremely well, would highly recommend! Makes using a nasal aspirator so much easier !!

Hello, I am actually still trying to receive a refund on my faulty product and have not been responded to in 10 days. Can some one please look into this for me

Quick delivery

Ordered on weekend and received Aus post notification early Monday morning with express option. Efficient and product worked well.