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Blue bunny

This guy has bean through 4.5 years of hell. Bean carried around for atleast 12months, had a jealous dog hide him in the garden, had his paws stuck together to prevent holding dummies (easter bunny stoll them) and for the past 2.5 3 years his bean chucked, punched, carried, dragged and bean huged every night at bed time.
Best thing eva saved my sleep and still saving it. My boys no1 fave toy.

Love this bowl set

Love this bowl and spoon set- suctions really well, good quality, looks cute and the spoon is perfect! Cheaper than many others on the market and the product arrived quickly! Thank you 😊

Excellent for teething!

Excellent quality bib and great for teething! Highly absorbent for those puddles of drool and bubs loves to chew on it. Arrived quickly. Thank you!

Great for little hands and independent eaters

Bubs loves this little cutlery set to feed herself - great for little hands to grip and order arrived promptly! Very happy! Thank you!

Excellent at catching mess!

Love these catchie bibs - prefer these ones to other brands as they hold their shape to actually catch food and mess compared to some other brands on the market. Well priced and order arrived quickly. Thank you!

Highly recommended!

Can’t recommend these bibs highly enough - definitely cuts down on laundry and mess from BLW and the order arrived quickly. Thank you!


This works really well - I’ve tried bibs and other smocks and nothing works as well as this. I would recommend getting two so you have a back up while ones wet / in the wash.

Super Hero

Bought this for my Grandson, it is amazing, rocked him straight back to sleep, now his parents think I’m not just a super Grandma but a super Hero Grandma!

Just reordered two more.

My son won’t take a dummy and now that he’s teething he has started sucking his thumb/chewing his hand. These gloves are one of the very few things that he prefers to suck/chew on. Comfy for bub to wear, easy to clean and quick to dry. Couldn’t recommend more!

Fresh Foods Feeder Teether

I start to introducing my 5 months old boy new foods to him each day. Today I introduced Kiwi to him with food feeder teether. He ate like he has never eaten. When he finished eating, i took the food feeder away and he started crying and wanted to eat more! This product is great! I am so lucky that i found your products!
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She loves it!

Our baby is loving her mitt and it’s great when in the stroller as she can’t throw it out or drop it. She uses it at home a lot and with her first teeth emerging I’m sure it will continue to get plenty of use. Definitely recommend.

It sticks!

Happily, this actually stuck to the high chair table suface!

Favourite dummy

This dummy has been a favourite with all my babies, I love that it’s easy to clean and doesn’t cause dribble rashes like I’ve found other dummy’s do. Arrived really quick too which is fantastic 😊


Sooo good i don't know what I did before. Only thing is that bubs gets distracted by the patterns sometimes - would love just plain coloured ones to minimise distractions!

Perfect for catching letdown

I bought these after using other milk collection shells that were in 2 pieces and would always leak on me. I love these ladybugs because they are one piece so no chance they'll spill or leak and they hold a decent amount of milk. Will definitely be purchasing more for my rotation. Really handy to have a storage bag to put in the nappy bag too

10 out of 10 would recommend!
Helps my baby sleep longer portable, plays for ages off one charge! I've gone 3 or 4 nights without charging it!

Best teether!!

My baby girl loves chewing away at her crown, at 4mths it is easy for her to hold and she can easliy get it in her mouth and has a good chew on it. Definitely recommend

Very cute

Purchased a pair for my 4mth old girl for our holiday and they look so cute, they stayed on her face quite well during our sunny outings.

Life saver

The lulla owl is much smaller than the doll which I prefer, it's a very cute design. Our 4mth old girl started sleeping through from 7pm - 7am with in 4 days of using the owl. I would definitely recommend

Best Gift for mumma's

I was gifted this when I had my first born and it ended up being the most useful item when breast feeding
Love this product so much that it is now my go to gift for all new mumma friends of mine!

Baby loves these!

My 6.5 month old loves these. I usually put some fruit in them and pop them in the fridge to cool down. She kicks with excitement when she sees she’s going to get her Haaka teether.
Easy to clean, much better than the mesh versions.
And she looks so cute!

Simply the best

I’ve tried a few different styles of the silicone feeders and Bubs really loves this one - so easy for them to hold and use

Great Product

Great product. Really good suction and can pre prepare meals and put lid on in the fridge also good if going out. My grandson can get all the others I've bought off the high chair but this has excellent suction and stays put.

Soft doll and nice sounds but intermittent

Soft and very nice Doll received and initially worked, seems soothing to baby. After a month the sound function was intermittently working. Unsure if just insufficient batteries or faulty( seems strange that they didn’t last more than a month as it’s only used some nights). Would not purchase again due to currently being an overpriced stuffed doll without sounds.

Good material

Sticks well. Great pictures for drawing. Sadly one marker was already out of ink upon opening. Other than that the other markers worked well