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Absolutely love it my little man got just in time for teething and he is one happy little bout with his mittens

Highly recommend
It’s not enough of a rock to soothe my baby if he’s unsettled but useful if he’s fallen asleep in the pram to fool him that we are still moving!

My son has this and the yellow banana he loves them!!

Love our Becalm bibs

Our little boy loves his Becalm bibs! It's so handy that it can't be dropped in the car. Would love more colours and a bib with a rounded teather though as he gags when he pushes the teather into his mouth too far!

Great idea

My grandson loves the mit but struggles to keep it on. He really likes chomping on it.

Teething mit

Great product!


My baby girl loves her mit, she was a bit confused on how to use it at first but she loves it now!! Best money I've ever spent!

What an absolutely beautiful set .!

awesome for letdown

i love it. Put it on the other boob while bubs feeding and it catches so much effortlessly really takes the edge off the engorgement when your milk comes in.

Gentle & Useful

This pump is easy to take with you where ever you go, easy to wash, most importantly easy to pump once you get the hang of it.
Doesn’t hurt like most electronic pumps.
Would recommend for those feeding and want a little extra milk to store away.

Too early to tell?

Very cute, seem like they’d be great. But they fall off my little one’s hands and she’s not interested in them. She’d rather chew on her fingers.
Also it takes ages for the fabric to dry after washing.


Perfect for let downs! Sticks great! My baby was kicking it and it still stayed on! I love it! I’m not soaked and I don’t waste a drop! Building my supply really quick without trying. If you’re second guessing getting it, don’t! It’s wonderful. Sad I didn’t get it 2 months ago

Love it!!

Love love love this pump! I was so sick of my hand pump & my electric pump, mainly due to having to pull everything apart to clean them all the time. But now i dont need to worry about them! I just love this pump so much, its so convenient and easy, it comes with me everywhere!

Baby so calm

My bub is so calm with the rocker on. Keeps her asleep when she is asleep and calms her down Shen awake and upset!


My son loves his new mitt, it’s such a life saver to have & so cute too! The postage was just as said, I’m so happy I found this, thank you!


These have worked perfectly for my early teether she absolutely loves them


Best thing ever love it no more grizzles

Wonderful product! My baby is happy 😃


My daughter absolutely loves her banana. So good for her teething she loves chewing the top and the bottom. I love that the bottom of it has little bumps for her to chew As Well best teether ever!!


My daughter loves the teething mitt. Really helping her little gums with her toothy coming threw

Awesome product

I am absolutely in love with my haakaa!!
I'd heard so many good things about them, but was a bit skeptical. I was pleasantly surprised with how much milk I've been able to collect just by using on the other side when feeding. I've already built up a freezer supply in a short amount of time.
I wish I had bought one to have to use as soon as my baby was born!


My Daughter is only 8weeks but already loves the mitt and is sucking on it by herself

Very happy

Amazing!! Not only is it catching on opposite side to feeding/pumping im also using it in the shower with warm water and epsom salt in it to clear blockages. I believe it saved me from mastitis.


Great pump, so portable and easy to use.