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Great teething mitt

My son celebrated being 4 months old by cutting his first tooth overnight. Thank goodness I had ordered two teething mitts in advance for him! He’s been happily munching away!

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Love this Bib

I have bought multiples! Great for letting baby make a mess and learn to eat. No more stained clothes, just chuck them in the washing machine at the end of the day.

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Great book, wish it was not a binder, wish it was a hard cover book, with the heading on spin, makes it easier to stack on book case and go to .. otherwise excellent book with plenty of information for grand kids ..


The fit my 6mo old perfectly and she happily wears them. Glare free walks - yay!

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Best bottle for bub! Heats up quickly and terrific test for paced feeding

Time saver

Perfect bib that keeps high chair and baby so much cleaner when eating! Have already purchased more!

Haakaa Oral Syringe
Shannon Staples

Our 13 week daughter won’t drink from a bottle due to an overactive gag reflex (we have tried 10 different bottles since birth!), but we need a way to feed her whilst I go in for day surgery next month. So far this has worked! 100% recommend πŸ™‚

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Absolutely awesome!

Our 10 week old is always eating his hands so we ordered the teething mit and he loves it! Definately worth it and we have recommended to our friends πŸ™‚

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Highly recommend

This breast pump is easy to use, comfortable and effective

Game changer

Love this bib, can let baby feed herself and clothes remain clean

Love this plate/tray- the suction points make it stick really well and my 1yo can scoop his food out quite easily. Paired with the Bibado bib and self feeding is way more enjoyable (for both of us). Would highly recommend.

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Bibado bib

This bib is amazing for the little eaters that want to eat on their own. No more food falling on the ground. The material is soft enough to not irritate them while wearing it. Would highly recommend.

Buy more than one!

It's amazing! I wish I ordered two from the beginning so when one fills up I can quickly swap to the empty one while feeding.

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Has great suction my daughter loves the different sections

Love love this smock/bib

Bub loves it

Bub loves the jelly fish its his favourite toy. Great quality, bright colours and great for teething bubs

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Doddl Cutlery Set
Cherry Fung
My LO loves it!!!

Highly recommended for 1+ babies!


I ordered the haakaa it arrived quickly and was exactly the same as it was described on the website.. I use it frequently and works well

Made Feeding More Comfortable

I’ve been using LaVie Lactation Massager on every feed & pump session ever since I got it. I used to massage my boobs by hand to make sure there are no lumps (I am wary about getting mastitis) & this little device helps makes the process more efficient & comfortable. I love the multiple different massage modes, though I honestly can’t tell the difference between intensity levels. The battery lasts for quite a while (I usually charge every few days & I feed/pump about 6 times a day), though it would be handy to have some kind of low battery indicator. Its small size is handy if you ever need to take it for traveling.

Highly recommended

Game changer!

So good!

My baby loves this. The feeder is really soft so she can get the food easily and the teething end is handy for when the food runs out!

The best

my daughter loves this! she holds it all day, even when she is sleeping, rolling and playing other toys.

Makes messy eating a lot more tolerable πŸ˜‰ Less hesitancy in letting bub experiment with her food πŸ™‚


Little miss 3 month old was constantly chewing on her hand, but is too little to hold anything. I saw these mitts and thought I’d give them a go - AMAZING! Great fit and can be worn on either hand. She figured it out quickly and I’m glad I got it.

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Great weaning bib

Definitely makes a difference compare with the other bibs