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my boy loves it, so far we have only tried frozen mashed banana but it was a big hit.

At 5 months old baby isnt super ready to hold onto a teether for long periods without chucking it or dropping it so i am super Happy with my purchase!. Will look into buying another mitten to have another handy in baby bag and home! Keeps her interested like a toy rather than having her dummy also.


My 5 month old loves her new chew glove and is obsessed with it, I love the quality and the design it’s both well made and easy on the eyes

Lula Doll

This is the second doll I have bought, they are fantastic to help little ones settle.

Teething mitt

My 3 month old loves it, now she can’t put her fingers down her mouth and gag, no more chewing on her fist, great product

Bedtime Asset!

Highly recommend!! As well as working wonders at bedtime, Lulla Doll completely calms my baby during hectic cluster feeds in the evening.

Awesome invention

After always having her hands in her mouth I thought I’d try the mitt and she loves it!!


Great product, my grandson loves chewing on it, keeps him happy for so long and so much easier for his age group.
Only disappointing part was asking in the shipping instructions for it to be sent to a particular address as I was going overseas but it was not, caused some mucking around while I was away.

Love it

So cute and has every thing I could think of that I would want to remember for my baby in the future

It's the best thing invented. My lil boy loves it

Fantastic product

My boy is 4 months and since receiving his be calm mitt 2 weeks ago, hes loved wearing it for the most part of the day. Helps a lot with teething and keeping him occupied.

Best invention ever!

This is my second child and after hearing everyone rave about the haaka decided to give it a go. Omg! I'm on day 2 of my milk being in and already have 150+mls of extra Breast milk stored in the freezer just from catching my let down on the opposite breast during feeds!
Shipping was super quick as well!

Teething baby

My son Quinn loves his teething mit. Being only three and a half months old he can’t hold any teethers for his poor gums. This is perfect and can go straight into the washing machine.

Love it

My son is an early teether and can’t hold things very long so your bib and mitt are perfect for him! We love them!!

Love it!

Bub is a bit small for it to stay on for long just yet (he's only starting to teeth) but he already loves it and continues to hold it and chew.

Loves it.

My son loves it. Uses it as a teether right now and will be great to brush with soon as he gets another tooth.

Love it

My son loves it. Uses it as a teether right now and will be great to brush with soon as he gets another tooth.

Hit and miss

My bubs LOVES the teething bib but hates the mit on his hand. He is almost 5months old so ill try again in a month or so.


The rockit really does work! It tricks my baby into thinking we are still moving and has given me such a good break! Being able to stop the pram for a coffee or look at things in shops!! Amazing! Just wish it could go a little bit harder than it does 😀

Great for high palette babies

Interesting design compared to other nipple shield brands I tried. This shield out of all the others I tried was very beneficial for my baby that had a tongue tie and lip tie and high palette. It gave that long extension to my nipple as I was really struggling with my baby to latch, I understand nipple shields are designed for short term use but this could be a benefit to someone who’s baby is having latch problems that I’ve mentioned. It is overwhelming the size and initially I was scared to use it, but it was great. I only used this shield for roughly a week until my sons tongue was corrected with laser. So it helped me out big time when I couldn’t breastfeed at first.

Quick delivery

Great products love their stuff for my baby boy


My wee girl loves her teething mitten, we don't go anywhere without it!


My lil man loves it

To small😞

It was far to small I honestly think you should cater to babies that are a bit on the bigger side very disappointed